Thursday, March 5, 2020


FRANKEEE ... yup, come on in friend.  Its been a couple three days since you last popped over for a visit.  Come in my friend and make yourself comfortable.  I'll get us a couple of beers, and we can chat some. 
Meanwhile, have a look at these while you wait.
Yes, there is nothing quite like a spectacular sunset to start your evening off right.  That was taken on March 25, 2018.
These next ones are from very recent.  Burning red colours for this sunset.

Burning red sky at sunset.
In this shot, you can see the skyline of London, Canada, off to the right.

Burning red sky at sunset.

I wonder if, back on March 25, 2018, the Robin Redbreast had arrived.  The early they get here, the better the nesting area.  I wonder if that is passed on to the young ones.  Does that get implanted in its brain that this location is for me next year?  A grant may be needed here.

Burning red sky at sunset.
 I have not read a newspaper in which I can't remember.  No TV for about two years now.  Blissfully ignorant, I guess.  If the world was coming to an end, then I would undoubtedly hear about it, so I never worried.  I let the other people suffer.

But now, I think that I should start again to have topics to discuss.  Or we could pick a random item out of Wikipedia and make that the adventure.  Learning and exploring.  I think that I will see if my app IFTTT will drop that random story on my Facebook page.  I will check it out.  Stay tuned to the page.
A few more pictures of that sunset photography that I specialize in.

Burning red sky at sunset.

Burning red sky at sunset.

Burning red sky at sunset.
Well, FRANKEEE, I will let go of your ear and pass you your hat.  I have a quest to fulfill.  Put Wikipedia subject on my Facebook page.



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