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What sights to see on Friday night. 

We are talking July 27th, 2018. I was lawn bowling at the beautiful Elmwood Lawn Bowling Club. Since I have a Personal Weather Station (ILONDON652 on Weather Underground he he he) I am suddenly the weatherman.  I brought up a live internet picture of lightning hits in the world..Focusing on Southwest Ontario, we saw that there were many coming from Lake Huron to the north of us. That sign and the fact that I had seen a great magnificent cloud move across the sky in very little time indicating how fast the rain was coming.  We decided to quit playing before the rain or whatever was coming.  Like the ants, we hustled and put everything away and had the place locked up before anything happened.
We were right to do that as the black clouds soon arrived and dropped a lot of water in a very short time.  Almost like a monsoon type of downpour as the ones that I lived through in Kathmandu.  Manila and Asia are experiencing their monsoon.  What is up with that??

I have some magnificent pictures and videos of this event.  Did I mention pink skies?
Come to my website and view so many more amazing and beautiful photo and videography.

Jimbo's is going to get a downpour. These black clouds are not friendly.

Some clouds have moved and Jimbo's now has a chance of getting missed by the Storm 

360 degrees from the East and swinging into the Storm Track coming from the south-southwest.
This was so much fun. I have a few ideas for next Storm

Of course, after every storm, the sun comes out and makes everything shiny and sparkly. Droplets on tree leaves, spider webs highlighted, reflective puddles appear and worms come up for air.  (Worms are very cool.  A big part of the ecology and the environment) . If you have worms in your garden or lawn (get rid of the "lawn" and plant flowers for bees or veggies for your and a row for the food bank. People are starving in Canada.  More than half are children under 16 -more recollections only no citation)

PINK SKIES  Did you see that rainbow?  Even a double rainbow in my eyes. and act and feel how they are.  A shout out to all of the citizens who are who they are. I thought that if you are. you then are.  That is all that matters to me and surely all of you.   What business is it of ours how other people choose to live their lives.OMG ... if you spend time ruminating about the above subject.  What a goof to waste your time. Wasted brain cycles.  Have nothing better to think about.  You bet you do Pilgrim.  Get used to the changes underway.  Meditate on my art.  Look deep into the images.

Sister Sun shining through the wispy clouds of the edge of The Storm of July 2018. 

This colour was fantastic.  Some sort of creamy peach, sand, or lions armpit. Kidding.  Magical is what that colour is. Try this colour of clouds during The Storm.

Between LIGHT and Dark

Pink skies in the morning over the Thames River Valley.

Pink Skies in the East. Golden Thames Flows

I should finish up and let you carry on.  I hope that you enjoyed this blog and will come back for more,



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